WARNING! No More Smoking at Eateries!

WARNING! No More Smoking at Eateries!
Jan 2, 2019
6:17 pm

by Mitchell W.

Some of you may celebrate but most of us won't, now that smokers are not allowed to "Mamak & Chill" over a relaxing ciggie or two (...or 3/4/5 etc...) anymore.

If you're caught smoking, you'll receive one fine-ass hefty slap of RM10,000 and restaurant owners who do not enforce the law will receive a RM2,500 fine... like dafuq?! 

Well technically, you're unable to light up a ciggie anything closer than 10 feet away from any makan spots or even open air eateries -- like the mamak -.-


Aren't open-air spaces at eateries & mamak spots meant for smokers to to have a spot to chill and hang out with friends WITHOUT having to leave the premises for a smoke session??

If you don't like the smell of cigarettes "polluting" the air...


Think about it.. majority of people that walk into eateries are smokers -- AND PAYING CUSTOMERS. Don't we have the rights to chill in peace without restrictions?

Really... do you see the government putting a ban on families with crying babies? 

It's sound pollution too after all...

I'm not being insensitive by saying all of this, but lets think rationally about this...

If the problem you have are smokers puffin' away at dining areas, what's the main problem? Cigarettes.

So if cigarettes are the core issue, THEN STOP SELLING TABACCO!

...but of course, without tabacco sales, how much would it impact the economy then?

Shouldn't everyone just be compromising and let us have our own space without feeling like what we're doing is juvenile?

Really.. can't we all just get along??

Well, then again... they may have banned smoking but they didn't ban vaping!

However, if the rest of you are still gonna smoke anyway, be sure to always carry this with you:

Vanei Koh Dont see anyone obeying it /o\
Fiqa very good.

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