Malaysia's 6th Agong Ascends to the Throne Today!

Malaysia's 6th Agong Ascends to the Throne Today!
Jan 25, 2019
9:43 am

by Mitchell W.

You must've thought that the next Agong to officially take the throne since the shocking exit of Sultan Muhd V would've been him...

Sultan Nazrin Shah of Perak

...but what a turn of events!

The newly elected Sultan of Pahang, Sultan Abdullah ibni Sultan Ahmad Shah was "upgraded" to his new role of Malaysia's 6th Yang di-Pertuan Agong, and we're all truly excited to see what amazing changes he'll bring to our great country.

Now known as DYMM Sultan Abdullah ibni Sultan Ahmad Shah

However, we're not forgetting Sultan Nazrin Shah, as he'll be Deputy Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia.

DYMM Sultan Abdullah ibni Sultan Ahmad Shah sits handsomely on the throne as a result of the votes in favour of him, when nine Malay rulers came together to cast their ballot papers during the election process.

The oath-taking ceremony will take place next Thursday, 31 Jan 2019.

Mitch's Note: Had a talk about this with my mum this morning and she's really pleased as she says he's a really nice man and would do great things for the I guess Malaysia really has a lot to be happy about.


Izzuddin Zulkiflee yeahh
Fasha Nabilla Daulat Tuanku
Fiqa Daulat Tuanku
Ashraf Nisfudin Malaysia has enough public holidays! lol
Vanei Koh Nice & Interesting article, useful information!

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