Burnt Down Cinema Turns into a Hipster Events Hangout

Burnt Down Cinema Turns into a Hipster Events Hangout
Jan 28, 2019
2:30 pm

by Mitchell W.

Before the 1970s, one of the largest and most iconic theatres in Malaysia was Rex Theatre in Petaling Street.

This was the era when watching movies at the cinema was freaking cheap -- like RM0.40 - RM0.50 per ticket!

If you wanted first-class seats, it would only cost RM2.20!!!

Then sadly in 1970s, the original Rex Theatre got burnt down and it was 6 years later when GSC took its place with a new 1,100-seater single-screen theatre in 1976.

In 1993, Rex Theatre became the first cinema in Malaysia to have a digital sound processor system, with the release of 'Jurassic Park', and it continued its reign as among the few remaining classic cinemas in Malaysia for 25 years...well until its sad ending on 15 Nov 2002.

What happened next was that the space was turned into a backpackers hotel in 2007 called Hotel Red Dragon...but unfortunately, once again it caught fire in August of that year and it was left abandoned -- except it was a "home" for drug users and squatters...

It's not the end of Rex's legacy yet as architect Shin Tseng and Shin Chang are spearheading a project that'll turn that ol' crusty burnt space into a creative space for young entrepreneurs and artistes to nourish, with the help of renowned Malaysian architect Ng Sek San, creative director Joseph Foo, and supported by architect Kamil Merican.

"We are approaching the refurbishment of the building thoughtfully and in respect to its original built and intention. Most of the work that we will do, involves making good of its amenities, returning the building's functionality, putting in fittings, and creating new pockets of community spaces within Rex KL," said Tseng. 

Rex KL opened its doors on 18 Jan 2018 for the public to experience pop-up stores, food stalls, bars, a farmer's market, live acts, and workshops in a whole new "rugged environment" -- which is pretty cool friggin' cool if I can be totally honest.

Let me just show you how cool this 60,000-square foot event space is...

Come drop by from 1 - 3 February 2019 to check out a new experience, between 3.00PM - 12.00AM.

Some of the stores that'll be present are like WonderBrew, Kombucha, Dao, My Boba Lab, Pantun Pins, Happy Fluff, and many more.

Click here to check out what more is happening at Rex KL: RexKL Instagram

Don't worry about finding the place...

We have a map to get you to your destination as well...

...and a Google Map link as well: Google Map to RexKL.

We'll see you there and relive the good ol' times together.

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