Scorpion or Spider?

Scorpion or Spider?
Feb 18, 2019
5:01 pm

by Audrey Goon

Another "disaster" struck Lion Air, and one died.

Unlike fatal snakes on a plane, passengers of a Lion Air flight in Jakarta were "visited" by what seems like a scorpion in the overhead luggage compartment.

 What happened was that a female passenger opened her overhead luggage compartment and found something uninvited crawling. It moved so swiftly that the customers in that flight could not identify whether it is a scorpion or spider.

Now that we're having a closer look, it does seem that it is a scorpion...

“Ground service officers and technicians immediately carried out an in-depth search and thorough handling of the aircraft after the passengers and cargo were removed, but no animals were found,” said Lion Air’s Corporate Communications Strategic spokesman, Danang Mandala Prihantoro.

Netizens were piqued and debating whether it is a spider or scorpion, but lets admit it -- both spine-tingling nonetheless.

Check the video out below, what would you do?

We do hope bad sh*t stop happening to pool ol' Lion Air or people are gonna start boycotting soon...

Vanei Koh Wtf. ????????

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