Woman-Beater has been Caught & Arrested Today!

Woman-Beater has been Caught & Arrested Today!
Feb 19, 2019
11:51 am

by Mitchell W.

Our prayers have been answered.

The suspect of the Taman Mutiara MRT assault on an innocent woman last Thursday has been arrested, and we couldn't be any happier that justice can finally be carried out.

Did this A-hole think we wouldn't recognize him just cause he shaved his head?

The 26-year-old barbarian was caught in Taman Cheras yesterday at around 8.10PM by a Serious Crimes Investigation Department (D9) team from the Cheras district police HQ.

According to reports, he had even robbed a 24-HR convenience store that is located 500m from the station, 15 minutes before committing the heinous act of beating up the 48-year-old woman in the lift.

Check this video out:

Currently, he is being investigated under Section 394 of the Penal Code for voluntarily causing hurt in a robbery, and faces a maximum sentencing of 20 years imprisonment + fine + strokes of the cane.

Personally, I think he deserves a far more severe punishment than that, but I guess we'll just have to abide by the law -- else I'm pretty sure there might be an angry mob standing outside his front door...

For all you ladies out there who travel via public transportation alone, you have nothing to fear. You may request for an escort to follow you to the parking area if it's deserted, according to RapidKL operator Prasarana Malaysia Berhad.

"We have increased the number of Special Action Taskforce (ST) members at the hotspot areas. The SAT team is a special unit set up by Prasarana's security department and staff are dressed in plain clothes when on patrol duty."

Vanei Koh stupid crazy guy ==
Fiqa no wonder couldnt find him. he is bald now.

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