Will the REAL Najib Razak Please Stand Up?

Will the REAL Najib Razak Please Stand Up?
Feb 25, 2019
11:33 am

by Mitchell W.

Ok look at the picture, and I mean really LOOK at it...and don't say these two don't look anything alike!

To put this story into context, this wasn't initially set up to mock Najib - but a netizen noticed that US talk show host Jimmy Fallon looked like the former prime minister when he/she watched 'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon'...seriously, it was published online..

So I guess we should all be glad that Malaysia is still big on Twitter eh?

Ok now for the news; Jimmy Fallon was actually impersonating Senator Bernie Sanders in a skit about the heated US 2020 Presidential Run -- and even though his intention was to look like Sanders, he ended looking more like Najib! Funny eh?

Well, when one door closes, another opens....

It may not have worked well for Senator Bernie Sanders, but if Najib ever needs a doppelgänger while being on a run from authorities, he now knows whose number to put on speed dial.

This is the REAL Senator Bernie Sanders btw -- so I'd say Jimmy met a huge #epicfail with his attempt to impersonate him...

Anyway, check out this epic video of Najib's visit to the White House:

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Fiqa hahahahhahahhhahah
Ain Farzana LOL haha
Vanei Koh hahahahahahah funny
Izzuddin Zulkiflee omg

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