Passengers Jump Out of Burning Ferry in Langkawi

Passengers Jump Out of Burning Ferry in Langkawi
Feb 26, 2019
10:15 am

by Mitchell W.

A bunch of passengers faced a sorta-Titanic moment yesterday afternoon when the ferry from Langkawi to Kuala Perlis caught fire, roughly about 3km from shore.

What we heard was that all of the 52 passengers onboard were unharmed by the fire and were rescued by nearby boat operators -- and we also heard that some of 'em panicked till they were gonna jump off the ferry!

Btw, never jump off a ferry -- especially when there are motorized boats around the area. You don't want a case of Final Destination do ya?

Well the good news is that everyone is safe, but we can't say the same about the ferry...

We wonder what caused that fire?

Anyway here are some clips from the site of the incident:

Vanei Koh GG

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