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Campus Election 2022

UTAR Sg Long annual campus election.


UTAR Sg Long annual campus election.

【2022年度校园选举 Campus Election 2022】

The annual campus election is around the corner!

We have listed out a few important dates to take note of as references for students who are interested to join as nominees in the coming campus election.

📌 Reference material and nomination form:

Campus elections are vital as it allows each and every UTARian to cast their votes for their preferred candidates who could voice out for the students’ rights and interests. The SRC should not be deemed as a communication bridge between the students and the university, a welfare agency or even the university’s mouthpiece. Instead, it carries huge responsibilities to defend the students rights and interests, to lead students to partake in the political, economical, socio-cultural, and educational agendas, be it on a societal or national level, as well as speaking on behalf of the voiceless.

We hereby call upon students to actively nominate yourselves in this campus election. Together we can imprint the ideal of campus democracy to the entire campus!

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to approach us for more information!

Campus Democracy, Student Autonomy!


📌 参考资料以及提名表格:





Student Representative Council UTAR Sungai Long Campus 2021/22