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Nabil Luqman

by Nabil Luqman|

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Empowering women in Esports one game at a time.

The conclusion of the PUBG Mastercup SEA 2024 marked a spectacular finish to the PUBG Mobile battlegrounds in Southeast Asia, expertly organized by Events Kenair and GEMS Esports 3.0. This four-day esports extravaganza delivered a thrilling rollercoaster of skill, strategy, and edge-of-your-seat excitement, leaving fans of PUBGM in Malaysia and Southeast Asia both enriched and thoroughly entertained.

The championship title went to the HAIL Esports Team from Thailand. While the victors hailed from Thailand, the true winners were the esports industry in Southeast Asia. This regional format, distinct from global tournaments and Asian/SEA games, provided a platform for teams from across SEA to meet, compete, interact, and build connections. Team Baonam from Vietnam, Team NKINS from Indonesia, and Team Yoodoo Alliance from Malaysia secured 2nd to 4th place, respectively.

The tournament showcased a true ASEAN gaming melting pot, with teams representing seven countries bringing their A-game. The diverse language, culture, and playing styles of the participating teams created a rich tapestry. Fans watching the tournament on-stream experienced a unique multilingual commentary, adding an epic dimension to the event.

A notable aspect was the strong support from various brands for the tournament. Local-centric brands like DASHING, SAFI, SoTinge, and Momo's, alongside international household names like Starbucks and Monster Energy Drink, contributed to the event's success. Both SAFI and DASHING, subsidiaries of Wizpro Unza, participated in an esports tournament for the first time. Their interactive booths offered challenges for attendees to win limited edition merchandise, adding a unique and engaging element to the event.

The PUBGM Mastercup tournament marked several firsts, including being the first regional tournament in Southeast Asia for 2024. Additionally, a groundbreaking event was the SAFIxPUBG Hijabi Ladies Championship, organized for the first time as a side tournament. This competition, sponsored by SAFI, featured all-female and all-hijabi teams competing for a cash prize of MYR10,000 and the chance to become SAFI gaming team ambassadors. DASHING followed suit, offering a cash prize of MYR10,000 to the top-performing Malaysian Team and the opportunity to become DASHING gaming team ambassadors. MRE Leviosa and Yoodoo Alliance secured these coveted spots, respectively.

As we celebrate this groundbreaking moment for women in esports, we eagerly anticipate a future filled with more such achievements. A heartfelt appreciation goes out to the incredible support from SAFI and Dashing teams, whose contributions have played a pivotal role in making this tournament an unforgettable and historic experience.