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Solo Exhibition by Tong Xin Lim in Zhan Art | Space

5th March 2024 - 14th April 2024


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After Class

5th March 2024 - 14th April 2024

At the age of 22, Tong Xin Lim managed to get her own solo exhibition! This exhibition comprises of artworks that capture the essence of surrealism and semi-abstraction, showcasing alternate realms of fantasy within everyday life and human forms.

Tong’s work and style are influenced by her subconscious and emotions including the use of non-conventional materials; believing that there is art in every object.

Tong plays an active role in the industry, consistently participating in group exhibitions. She was shortlisted respectively back in 2021 and 2023 for Bakat Mudah Sezaman organised by Balai Seni Negara.

In 2022, she was also picked as a finalist in the Malaysian Emerging Artist Award organised by HOM Art Trans. Most recently, she also bagged the Creative Artist Award 2023 art competition, hosted by Mr DIY. 💯

Tong says the core of the exhibition, it reflects artworks that have a harmonious balance between positive and negative energies, yin and yang, light and darkness, tranquillity and chaos and so forth; signifying a sense of contrast and endless possibilities. It also reflects the bottomless pit of infinite creativity within the artist's psyche.

The main artwork sets the tone and precedent for the exhibition as the artist invites the audience to explore her world reflected in the artwork and its title. Change as gathered from the exhibition, is the only constant in our lives and the artist aims to remind us that we will not be able to predict the outcome of our decisions but to embrace the change and continuously move forward.

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