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USM Arts and Culture Festival 2024 is in Full Bloom!

In collaboration with Division of Students Development Affairs & Alumni USM Penang


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In collaboration with Division of Students Development Affairs & Alumni USM Penang


Time flies, like the waves of paddy in the fields, surging with new hope. USM Arts and Culture Festival, like that warm summer afternoon, quietly sneaked into our countryside again. This time, let us escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and experience the unique beauty of the countryside. 🌾

USM Arts and Culture Festival 2024 is about to make a grand debut, and a new chapter is about to be revealed!

The Chinese Arts and Cultural Secretariat of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM SKKT) happening this coming 12th May 2024 with the coolest theme: ‘Rustic Splendour’, with ‘Perpetual Heartstring’.

In 2024, we sincerely invite you to appreciate the beauty of art and feel the unique charm of rural culture in this eye-catching cultural event, which is bound to make you feel a different kind of warmth and joy!

This event aims to encourage university students to protect, preserve and promote traditional Chinese arts and culture. Committed to organizing various activities to enhance the understanding, comprehension and skills of university students in Chinese culture, thereby achieving a balance in physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual aspects.

This celebration hopes to advance the arts and cultures of university students of various races to attract the attention of the public and corporate sectors about the arts and culture. This event aims to achieve a mental and spiritual balance of the brotherhood as expounded throughout the multiple cultures and arts. Through this as well will also emphasize the importance of building meaningful relationships among university students.

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