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PEKUMA, Economics Night 2023-2024

Where are the talented economics students at?


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Where are the talented economics students at?

“Get ready to be wowed! The Econ Night Talent Show 2024 is back with a bang!” ✨🔥Be prepared to take centre stage and show us your talent. Various exciting performances will be presented to you at the Econs Night Talent Show 2024!💃

Economics Night (Econs Night)

Econs Night aims to foster connection, camaraderie, and fellowship between current undergraduate students, instructors, and graduates of the Bachelor of Economics Programme at UM. It also serves as a farewell gathering for upcoming graduates.

During that event, a ceremony will be held to honor students and professors who have demonstrated academic brilliance and made significant contributions to the field of education. The committee holds several activities such as Promotional Activities and Talent Show (ENTS) in advance of the night.

Economics Night Talent Show (ENTS)

Talent Show (ENTS) is one of the activities held before Econs Night by the committee. This activity serves as a networking platform forstudents under Bachelor of Economics and provides the opportunity for the gifted students to showcase their talents to the public on stage physically which will boost their confidence directly.

If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact

(Head of Publicity and Registration Department): Mia: +019-4182523

(Deputy Head of Publicity and Registration Department): Ammar Robings: +017-6637270